Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman for Tuesday, July 11th, including guests Brett Winterble talking about President Biden's reported anger issues, Brett Jensen live from Pamplona Spain where he participated - without injury - in the Running of the Bulls, and Mark Garrison with his Dirty Restaurant Tuesday report.

Vince shares some good news stories. More on Donald Trump’s legal troubles. Transformation Tuesday. Plus, the latest news out of the Biden family corruption case. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

The NY Post reports published a video from an Israeli professor in hiding, who claims he is being targeted by the US Department of Justice for blowing the whistle on a corruption by Joe and Hunter Biden in 2019. Listen Here:

The Washington Free Beacon reports: In 2018, Hunter Biden tapped his father and a number of Biden family connections to help get his daughter into the University of Pennsylvania. Text messages and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, show how Joe and Hunter Biden worked behind the scenes to get a […]

A series of reports in recent days is chipping away at the false image of Joe Biden as a folksy, lovable uncle. Listen Here:

Bo Thompson, Beth Troutman and Pete Kaliner fill in for Vince. Tucker Carlson speaks with Russell Brand on his ousting at Fox News. Also, Pete Kaliner discusses a new Axios article outlining President Biden’s temper behind closed doors. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble joins Good Morning BT with Bo & Beth, proclaiming his love for mayonnaise, and his take on cocaine being found at the White House.

The alleged witness in the Biden corruption case, Israeli professor Dr. Gal Luft, has posted a video outlining Biden family corruption and connections with China. Also, Faith Focus Friday. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

Vince discusses the transgender agenda that’s being pushed and takes caller reactions. There’s been major questions about the health of President Biden, could we see a different Democratic candidate in 2024? Also, Therapeutic Thursday. Listen Here:

There was reportedly a white substance found on White House property. It was later tested and was said to be cocaine. WIBC reports: Cocaine was found in the White House on Sunday evening. I guess they do not call it the ‘White House’ for nothing. The Secret Service found it while they were doing their […]