Bo and Beth welcome Paula Kweskin to the show to discuss the latest out of Israel… She is a Human Rights Lawyer and Documentarian, as well as a Charlotte native.

Seg 1:  History of Jewish Hatred Seg 2: This is a Spiritual Anger and how it all started in heaven Seg 3:  Jesus and Satan Seg 4:  All the demonic influences through the ages to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.

A deep dive into the Leftist organizers and funders of our current state of insurrection.

On Capitol Hill, Republican Senators hold a news conference tearing into President Joe Biden over his plan to withhold military support for Israel - after pushing to get Congressional approval.

Gabe Stein, a College Student at William & Mary University, joins Good Morning BT to talk about what it’s been like being a Jewish college student during this tumultuous time in America.

Welcome to this Friday edition of The Vince Coakley Radio Program! Vince opens the show by talking about Israel’s missile strikes in response to Iran’s attack last weekend + why he thinks the Pentagon leaked information on the attack and his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s response to it. He also talks about funding for […]

Good Morning BT entire Monday, April 15th, 2024 show.   6:05 Beth’s song of the day 6:20 Israel Wrap on NBC 6:35 Compliments guaranteed to land 6:50 RAM Biz Update; Tax day deals   7:05 Scottie Scheffler wins The Masters 7:20 Israel and Iran wrap up 7:35 Guest: Mick Mulvaney talks about Iran’s attack on Israel […]

Iran launches an attack on Israel over the weekend, and it failed in such a spectacular manner that a narrative has developed that their humiliation was intentional.

Former President Donald Trump goes on trial today - with jury selection beginning in a Manhattan. Plus, North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop discusses crime, the FISA vote, and the Iranian attack on Israel.

Former White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, joins Beth Troutman on Good Morning BT to discuss Iran’s latest attack on Israel.