President Joe Biden addresses the nation on his “top domestic priority” – inflation. Plus, North Carolina state coffers hit surplus!

Best-selling author Bill O’Reilly discusses his latest book, Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists. Plus, rising inflation AND interest rates are squeezing Americans in ways not seen since the Carter Administration.

People have noticed conservatives are gaining followers on Twitter since the Elon Musk purchase. Is the political landscape shifting in America? Plus, Vince talks about Inflation and Vladimir Putin’s potential declining health.

Vince talks about the economy, inflation and unemployment. Madison Cawthorn is in the news again. Plus, Elon officially buys Twitter, what’s next?

An Ohio professor wins a lawsuit against Shawnee State University. Disney+ and Netflix are seeing a large drop in subscribers, how much is inflation affecting this?

Why NC Rep. Ted Budd needs to debate his opponents in the GOP primary race for US Senate. Also, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson GAINED support after news broke that he paid for an abortion decades ago. Plus, Bidinflation gets worse and we commemorate the Halifax Resolves.

Vince welcomes Brian Echevarria, NC House candidate from district 73. They talk about the economy, Inflation, and CRT being taught in schools. Vince also touches on the war in Ukraine.

In segment one, Vince discusses the beginning of life during pregnancy, and the transgender bill just enacted in OK. Segments two and three are about oil and inflation. Segment four is about parental rights and comments from Charlie Crisp on the Florida education law.

Vince discusses the suspect who shot at six police officers in Charlotte being released after a day in jail. In segment two he plays excerpts of comments by Senator Joe Manchin on inflation. Segment three is on immigration from Ukraine.

Pete discusses an article in the Washington Examiner, and an article from the Hoover instutute on inflation. In the fourth segment the dicussion shifts to reducing parking spaces in the city,