In this hour, Vince discusses the major issues most Americans are facing. Also, more on the SCOTUS ruling in favor of states against the EPA and Biden’s climate change agenda.

In this hour, Transformation Tuesday. Inflation is crippling many Americans. Also, more comments on Justice Clarence Thomas.

In this hour, Lou talks about inflation, gun control, and crime in America. Plus, Biden responds to Chevron.

On Transformation Tuesday, the state of our souls is the real crisis. Plus, more on inflation and gun control.

In this hour, President Biden’s comments on inflation. Are we headed for a recession soon?

In this hour, J.D. fills in for Vince. Think like the media. Democrats are not held to the same standard as republicans. Comments from President Biden.

President Joe Biden says there’s very little he can do to combat inflation, which hit a record 8.6% in May. Plus, more reaction from the Scott Huffman interview.

Democrat candidate for North Carolina’ 9th Congressional District, Scott Huffman, discusses (and doesn’t) women, abortion, white supremacy, gun control, inflation, and his campaign.

Inflation rises by 8.6% in May. Also, many Americans are more concerned with inflation than the January 6th hearings.

In this hour, what does “breaking news” mean anymore? Inflation and the effects on the American consumer. Plus, Joe Biden addresses the nation.