Good Morning BT News Anchor Mark Garrison joins Bo Thompson, Beth Troutman and Jim Szoke with reports on some restaurants you may want to think twice about before visiting based on their health scores on Dirty Restaurant Tuesday!

Dr. Paul Christo, John Hopkins University, joins the show to expand on the dangers of the growing opioid problem in the United States.

"This was definitely one of those issues that was, very much so, alive and well prior to the implementation of mainstream social media." -Jaren Doby

Coronavirus cases are back on the rise in the Charlotte area,  according to new data from Mecklenburg County Public Health Department. The county numbers were declining progrssively for a few months but the rate of coronavirus cases is on the rise in nearly every Mecklenburg County neighborhood, The Charlotte Observer reports. Health officials say the […]

Mecklenburg County will open up new COVID-19 vaccine appointments through the county’s health department and StarMed Healthcare starting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. The new slots are for everyone eligible in Groups 1-5, including anyone over the age of 16. The new appointments run through April 12. Group 5 will become eligible starting on April 7 […]