North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore notes how often gun-free zones are the setting for shootings, and maybe eliminating those restrictions would reduce the appeal to evil actors. Outrage ensues. Listen Here:

The governor of New Mexico issues a “state of emergency” to unconstitutionally criminalize lawful gunowners. But law enforcement officials and prosecutors are refusing to enforce her order. Listen Here:

Pete continues his conversation with caller Mike about potential ways to reduce gun deaths. Listen Here:

Vince discusses the latest shootings and potential solutions. Plus, Dominion and Fox News settle their lawsuit. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

Is it time to have a national conversation about leftwing mass shooters? Listen Here:

Over the weekend I tweeted: “Allow school personnel to conceal carry. Severely increase penalties for gun crimes and then actually charge them. Including teens. Offer grants for hardening security at schools. We’ve discussed these things for years. But Democrats don’t want to do them.” Outrage ensued. Listen Here:

Vince welcomes political scientist, Will Reilly, to the program to talk about racism in America. Also, another mass shooting in Louisville sparks a conversation on gun control.  Listen Here:

A recent story in South Carolina shows that Daniel’s Law gives parents a choice other than abortion. A highly religious university in New York makes the case that having an LGBTQ group on campus would contradict their religious convictions. One Supreme Court Justice speaks out in favor of the university. The International Organization for Standardization approves a […]

In this hour, people who intentionally stir the pot are pure evil, regardless of political affiliation. Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is just one of many companies to move headquarters to more gun friendly states. We now have two sets of facts when it comes to republicans and democrats. Also, Dems to voters: if you […]

In this hour, the right to bear arms is under attack by the left. Democrats hate the free market. Plus, the latest on the raid of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago.