Chad Adams discusses the NC abortion bill and takes calls on the abortion issue. Listen Here:

Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the newly proposed NC abortion bill, but NC republicans have the majority and can override the veto. Vince takes a look at DeSantis’ chances in 2024. Also, could AM radio be a thing of the past? Listen Here:

A celebration is in Raleigh as the North Carolina legislature prepares to pass a sweeping school choice law with enough votes to override an expected veto from Gov. Roy Cooper. Corey DeAngelis and Tyler Voigt discuss the snowballing effort to implement school choice in a growing number of states. Listen Here:

Two proposals making their way through the North Carolina legislature’s two chambers would greatly expand the existing school voucher system. The Republican lawmakers appear likely to have enough votes to override the Democrat Governor’s veto. Listen Here:

Ryan Brown, the Secretary of the NC Libertarian Party has reaction to the North Carolina Governor’s State of the State from last night. Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper called on Republicans to avoid culture war issues, then proceeded to make demands they acquiesce to Democrats’ cultural preferences. Listen Here:

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper delivered his final State of the State address last night where he covered Medicaid expansion, education, the economy, and culture war issues. But aside from a single mention of the pandemic as a challenge in our past, he spent no time on the topic that consumed nearly all of his […]

In a post on his Longleaf Politics substack, Andrew Dunn writes about North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s appearance on a CBS News program, where the two-term Democrat easily and smoothly insulted Republicans. If anybody still views Gov. Roy Cooper as a friendly, gentle, moderate politician, watching his recent interview with CBS News’s Major Garrett would certainly disabuse them of […]

King Charles III delivers his first speech to the people of the United Kingdom, after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper has cultivated an image as a moderate, but Patrick Gleason at Forbes outlines how the overreaching chief executive has been governing as anything but: Roy Cooper […]

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s Emergency Declaration is finally expiring – after 888 days. The Governor has said his E.D. was needed to get federal money. Plus, how the Green New Deal turned into the Inflation Reduction Act.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bill that would help deport violent offenders saying it would make communities less safe. In another veto, he criticized the legislature for trying to make political appointments to an education board… that’s currently appointed by the State Board of Education… which he appoints. He also rejected a grace […]