Hurricane Ian makes landfall into South Carolina, after ripping through Florida and leaving a trail of death and devastation. From NBC News: At least 12 people have died after Hurricane Ian tore across Florida with such ferocity that President Joe Biden said it could be the deadliest in the state’s history. Speaking after a briefing with Federal […]

Disney jumped into a political fight over a Florida law aimed at preventing teachers from talking to K-3 students about sex. In response, the state legislature yanked the corporate giant’s privileged self-government district.

Vince reviews the legislation in Florida prohibiting teachnig sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade, and the legislation prohibiting critical race theory. Also played part of President Biden’s announcement on Russia. Vince also played an excerpt of a Zuby video on diversity.

A hurricane watch was issued for the Sunshine State's western coast, but it's unknown if Elsa will strengthen before making landfall. The system is not predicted to reach hurricane status for a second time. However, there is some possibility of that happening right before landfall early Wednesday, according to the Weather Channel.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman said all of the people missing are residents in the building that came tumbling down to the ground around 2 a.m. ET in Surfside, Florida. At least 10 people were initially pulled from the rubble and treated were for their injuries, according to local reports. 

Millions typically get aboard a cruise ship from Florida each year and the industry generates billions for the state’s economy. The CDC called for a shut down of the industry a year ago when several Coronavirus outbreaks were tied to ships worldwide, including a number of COVID-19 fatalities happening on the ships before returning to port.