Repeatedly offering people the same thing after they tell you they don’t want it will not make them agree to accept the offering. Also, why is Ronna McDaniel still leading the Republican Party after half a decade of failure? Listen Here:

Councilman Tariq Bokhari won his bid for re-election last night. Bokhari joins the broadcast to talk about the win and what’s next. Plus, Vince dives into the results from other key races across America. Listen Here:

Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell takes a plea deal in Georgia. Plus, early voting begins today in North Carolina. Listen Here:

The US Supreme Court decision in the Moore v Harper case yesterday could open the door to state and federal courts getting more involved determining election outcomes. Listen Here:

A new survey finds that election laws enacted by Georgia did NOT suppress votes – despite catastrophizing by Democrats and media. Listen Here:

Pete gets sidetracked by callers who say he has to pick either the Republican or Democratic candidate in the presidential races. Listen Here:

Stephen Wiley is the NC House Republican Caucus Director, where he recruits and helps act as campaign manager for all candidates running for the North Carolina House of Representatives. Wiley says “Republicans dominated statewide elections and grew their majorities in both chambers”: As of this writing, nationally Republicans only won 177 Biden seats in state legislatures, with […]

The planned discussion went out the window, as listeners got mad that Pete hasn’t voted for a major party presidential candidate in his life. Listen Here:

A system for secure, transparent, accessible, auditable, voting – called Redo Voting – might be an existential threat to election lawyers, activists, and politicians who benefit from democracy-threatening suspicious election administration. Listen Here:

In a startling development, we learn that Republicans are trying to win elections. Even worse? They are attempting to do so by attracting non-white voters!!