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Exit polling and surveys are shedding light on why Republicans failed to win as many races as expected. Guy Benson at Townhall has a roundup of where the races stand, as of Monday morning: It’s the Monday after last Tuesday’s election, and we still don’t have a call on control of the House of Representatives.  The US […]

The Dems have kept control of the Senate after the midterms. What should be the next move for Republicans? NBC News has more:   Democrats defied historical trends and defeated several candidates backed by former President Donald Trump to keep control of the Senate, providing enormous relief for President Joe Biden.  The battle for the House, meanwhile, […]

Former President Donald Trump attacked Republican Governors Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin just days after DeSantis won re-election by about 20 points, and ahead of Trump’s planned announcement that he’s running for President again. Listen Here:

Former US Congressman (and WBT radio host) Jason Lewis argued in a piece at the Daily Caller that Tuesday’s election results were really about incumbency and money. But opponents of Donald Trump are blaming him for the results: Long before the votes were tallied on Tuesday night, the establishment went to work on the disappearing […]

Megan McArdle at the Washington Post wrote a series of tweets arguing that former President Donald Trump is “bad for the [Republican] party’s electoral fortunes. The more he takes over the party, the harder it is for the party to actually wield power.” The columnist went on to say: The problem isn’t his issue set, […]

After Donald Trump’s latest comments, it’s clear that he needs to step down and support another Republican for President in 2024. Listen Here:

Will Donald Trump be able to get past a potential Ron DeSantis challenge. What happens if he does? What happens if he doesn’t? Listen Here:

Political Scientist and author, Rich Rubino, discusses the election results from this week and how they resemble historical performances. Rubino wrote “The Great American Political Trivia Challenge: Political Trivia on Steroids.” Also, is Donald Trump weaker now than he was before the election? Listen Here:

In a piece at POLITICO, David Siders says former President Donald Trump is damaged goods. Trump is still the dominant figure in the Republican Party, and he’ll be the favorite to win the GOP nomination for president if, as expected, he runs again. But Trump’s place in the party is far weaker after Tuesday. Truth is, […]

American politics may be ugly right now, but it could get worse after the 2022 midterms. Donald Trump looks for someone to blame for the Republicans underwhelming performance at the polls. Breitbart breaks down the numbers from the 2022 midterms: In five additional Senate races, Republican candidates’ numbers were also overstated in the polls, as seen in the […]