After rejecting inclusion of a Jewish Caucus, leaders in the North Carolina Democrat Party accepting the organization. The initial rejection prompted national attention and criticism. Listen Here:

With Vince out today, Former Congressman Jason Lewis fills in. Jason talks about the apparent divide within the Republican party. Also, RFK Jr. joins the program to talk about how the Democrat party has changed over the years. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

Every Democrat in the House of Representatives voted to oust the Republican Speaker of the House yesterday. And while eight Republicans led the effort, Democrats don’t get to pretend they didn’t make the ouster happen. Listen Here:

Four Republicans in the US House are trying to oust their own leader, but they’ll need help from all Democrats. It appears they have it. Listen Here:

In a remarkable example of illogical gaslighting, Congressional Democrats said the government was not directing censorship of millions of Americans, but had to block social media posts in order to protect against false information. Some of which later turned out to be true. Listen Here:

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble crosses the streams Good Morning BT with Bo & Beth talking about traveling by train, and a Democrat Georgia state representative defecting to the GOP after a school voucher vote.

In an interview with Glenn Greenwald, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said he noticed how critics of the COVID-19 vaccine were being called Russian bots. And then the Durham Report came out and he changed his view on the “Russiagate” hoax. It’s a message that, if mentioned in front of Democrat audiences, might shatter calcified beliefs […]

Caller Tony – who usually gives Pete a very hard time – find common ground in the abortion debate. Plus, why are Democrats letting so many people into a systemically racist country? Listen Here:

The newly-elected Republican majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court tossed out three rulings made by the previous Democrat majority. Rulings on voter ID, redistricting, and felon voting were all overturned. Listen Here:

The new Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party has been on the job only a few weeks, but has already succeeded in giving the Republicans a supermajority in the House. Listen Here: