In discussing the outrage over quoting Hitler as a warning about state-controlled education, caller Tony and I have a lengthy discussion about critical race theory, critical gender studies, and we darn near had a breakthrough with him. Listen Here:

In a party-line vote, the North Carolina House passed the Equality in Education Act which bars the promotion of the tenets of critical race theory and its postmodernist neo-Marxist ideology. Outrage ensues. Listen Here:

In the first hour of the show, Pete welcomes in NC-73 candidate Brian Echevarria whose comments at a local school board went viral as he spoke out against critical race theory. Pete then discusses the importance of education in the next Presidential election and if that could be a key factor in Democrats losing their grip on Washington politics. 

Pete leads the show sitting down with NC-73 candidate Brian Echevarria, an African-American whose anti-CRT comments at a local Cabarrus County School board meeting went viral. 

Vince is joined by NC Congressional candidate Brian Echevarria (NC-73) to talk about the viral comments he made at a local Cabarrus County School Board meeting and why he thinks CRT doesn't belong in any school curriculum. 

In the first hour of the show, Vince talks about local candidate Brian Echevarria - a bi-racial man - talking about critical race theory in schools is a poison to your kids' education. 


North Carolina’s lieutenant governor hasn’t been shy about expressing his feelings on vital issues. And when it comes to the state’s future education plans, he has taken a hard stance against “indoctrination” in schools. In a video posted to social media by 1776 Action Org, Mark Robinson went into detail about his background as a […]


For instance, the teachers that have an expertise in science, math, English, foreign language, but with little to no background in areas of social justice or race relations, are required to engage their students on topics such as coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, how to become an activist or how a student is essentially inherently biased in thoughts and actions.