Ignored emails and non-existent press conferences: these are the new norm as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is no longer answering questions from reporters unless they are positive for the department. Mark Garrison was called to a meeting to be given the new rules, which one respected criminologists calls nonsense.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s animal shelter needs help, as the number of dogs and cats has pushed the facility to capacity. Melissa Knicely with CMPD says they always see an increase in intakes during the summer. But as more people move to the Charlotte area, they’re seeing more animals arrive at the shelter than in past years. Knicely […]

In response to they many questionable bails set for criminals in Charlotte recently, CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings took to the Charlotte Observer to express his frustration with Charlotte magistrates setting inconsistent bails for criminals. Tonight on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett shares his thoughts on the OpEd article and some examples of the odd bonds […]

According to an analysis by WCNC, the number of CMPD pursuits went from 22 in 2011 to 97 in 2021.

Lots of ideas about how CMPD could have stopped that lunatic who terrorized the city for two hours yesterday during a high speed pursuit.

Local attorney Paul Dickinson discusses the pursuit policy of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police in the aftermath of yesterday’s car chase through the area – that lasted nearly two hours and put hundreds of lives at risk.

Family can’t understand why Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police shot and killed a man who opened fire on cops. Plus, new federal gun laws are adopted – but not applied to the President’s son.

One of the experts in North Carolina’s redistricting lawsuits is now being investigated by Princeton University over allegations from his staff that he manipulated data to help Democrats win. “He had an agenda.  He was good at hiding it when he had to, but it was clear Sam wanted Democrats to win and he was […]

According to CMPD, a man wielding a metal post used for street signs entered the Plaza Sundries in the CATS Center downtown on Tuesday. Surveillance video shows 24-year-old Xavier Rashee Woody-Silas destroying merchandise while shouting anti-Asian slurs at the store's owners. 

Hunsucker turned himself into the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office this week. He was already out of jail on bond and awaiting trial for the charges related to his wife's death, CMPD said. The former paramedic for Atrium Health’s MedCenter Air unit used a piece of equipment to intentionally spark a fire mid-flight.