Let's talk critters! Sure, I love dogs! Don't we all? But now, a cat has entered the picture at the home of yours truly, which is cool too! Also, our friends at CMPD Animal Care & Control are looking for folks to come foster, adopt, or take a dog for a staycation, as the shelter is full. The shelter is located at 8315 Byrum Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217, and you can reach them at 704-336-7600. 

Heather MacDonald at City Journal writes: The idea that policing is racist, both in its treatment of black suspects and in its hiring of black officers, has led to manpower loss, a lowering of standards, and a drop in proactive enforcement. The resulting increase in crime then puts more downward pressure on hiring standards in […]

A jury has convicted Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Phillip Barker of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, for the 2017 crash that killed a pedestrian. WSOC-TV reports: Jurors have convicted a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who hit and killed a college student in his patrol car. In July 2017, Phillip Barker was speeding while on his way to […]

Could the murder of Charlotte activist, Kim Thomas, finally be solved? From the Charlotte Observer: A prominent Charlotte defense attorney claims police have uncovered evidence that could finally solve one of the city’s most notorious criminal mysteries: Who committed the gruesome 1990 murder of Kim Thomas? Now, David Rudolf wants a judge to order the Charlotte-Mecklenburg […]

Charlotte Police created unnecessary anxiety on Saturday when there was word of a possible shooter at Southpark Mall. CMPD could have quickly reassured the public that there was NOT an active shooter — but they didn’t.  Instead, with their new shun-the-media policy, cops put out a Tweet that left the public fearing the worst while […]

Mecklenburg County Commissioners praised the new plan aimed at reducing violent crime in Charlotte over the next five years. The plan, called “The Way Forward” will focus on five areas: community engagement, support for youth and families, economic opportunities, government collaboration, and safer communities. WBTV reports: “That includes collaboration with schools, workforce development, and violence […]

After winning election four years ago, Democratic Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden directed his deputies to start doing traffic enforcement. It was an area of law enforcement that the Sheriff’s Office had long avoided, after the consolidation of the old Mecklenburg Police with the Charlotte Police Departments. The CMPD took over 911 response and traffic […]

Ignored emails and non-existent press conferences: these are the new norm as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is no longer answering questions from reporters unless they are positive for the department. Mark Garrison was called to a meeting to be given the new rules, which one respected criminologists calls nonsense.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s animal shelter needs help, as the number of dogs and cats has pushed the facility to capacity. Melissa Knicely with CMPD says they always see an increase in intakes during the summer. But as more people move to the Charlotte area, they’re seeing more animals arrive at the shelter than in past years. Knicely […]

In response to they many questionable bails set for criminals in Charlotte recently, CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings took to the Charlotte Observer to express his frustration with Charlotte magistrates setting inconsistent bails for criminals. Tonight on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett shares his thoughts on the OpEd article and some examples of the odd bonds […]