In an 8-3 vote last night, the Charlotte City Council approved a rezoning petition from Chik-Fil-A to tear down its existing store in Cotswold and replace it with a drive-thru only facility. Listen Here:

America’s big cities are struggling to overcome an existential confluence of threats that is driving people to move farther away. Listen Here:

In this hour, Transformation Tuesday. Should Florida Governor Ron DeSantis run in 2024, even if Donald Trump is looking for the nomination? Also, more on Charlotte’s new approval of social districts.

The Charlotte Ledger reports that more people moved away from Mecklenburg County than moved in. The only reason the population grew was because of births. Good thing Charlotte voters just re-elected City Council members to maintain the status quo!

Bill Crowder and Otis Crowder, co-owners of Crowder Construction, join Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman and WBT News reporter Jeff Atkinson to talk about their company celebrating 75 years of building Charlotte.

The Charlotte City Council looks to spend $215 million to renovate the Uptown arena. Plus, the streetcar project raises concerns. And Charlotte has two of the most dangerous roads in NC.

Despite concerns over the bad deal the City of Charlotte inked years ago that requires public funding for arena improvements, the Council moved ahead on a longer-term deal to upgrade the facility.

So-called “bike gangs” in Charlotte are terrorizing people in Uptown and Southend. Why can’t law enforcement, the District Attorney, and the courts adequately address this problem by now?

They’re antisocial sociopaths seeking attention by terrorizing parts of Charlotte, but the “bicycle gangs” need a name. And maybe some uniforms. How can we expect them to graduate from their apprenticeship in criminality to lifelong loser, without appropriate flair? We really have failed them.

The latest trend in Charlotte crime? Bicycle gangs. Why is this anti-social behavior being tolerated by law enforcement, parents, community leaders, and elected officials?