Charlotte City Council

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney has asked the State Bureau of Investigation to look at whether Charlotte City Councilman James Mitchell’s ownership in a “firm that has a contractual relationship with the City of Charlotte can be confirmed – and whether that purported business arrangement is inconsistent with” state law.

In a break with tradition, the Charlotte City Council rejected the top votainer and named the second-place finisher as the next Mayor Pro Tem. And, yes, votainer is a word I have invented and am promoting to replace the awkwardly cumbersome “top vote-getter.” For almost three decades the Charlotte City Council has named the top […]

The Charlotte Ledger reports that more people moved away from Mecklenburg County than moved in. The only reason the population grew was because of births. Good thing Charlotte voters just re-elected City Council members to maintain the status quo!

Political consultant and local attorney, Larry Shaheen, discusses the Charlotte City Council election results. Low turnout in a weird July election yielded a Charlotte City Council of 9 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Which is the same partisan breakdown it has been for years.

In this hour, Tariq Bokhari, City Council member from district 6 in Charlotte, joins the program to discuss last night’s City Council election. Plus, recent events in the Netherlands show the great reset is a real possibility.

Pete responds to a “Program Director” email. Plus, the Charlotte City Council election is today, and Republicans need higher turnout if they stand a chance to take any of the At-Large seats.

Charlie Mulligan and Kyle Luebke discuss their campaign for Charlotte City Council, the transit system, crime, and whether to get rid of At-Large seats altogether. Plus, what the heck is wrong with CATS?!

The Charlotte City Council wants to force landlords to accept housing vouchers if they take city development funds. Amid confusion over enforcement and the policy-making process, one councilmember launched into a racialized attack on a colleague.

The Charlotte City Council got an earful from Latinos last night who were kicked off city property that they were using for an open air flea market. Plus, you’re never wok enough for the Church of Wokism.

In a 10-1 vote last night, the Charlotte City Council approved a $275 million deal with the Hornets – keeping the NBA team as the anchor tenant through 2045.