Protester-turned-Charlotte City Councilman Braxton Winston says he is running for North Carolina Commissioner of Labor to eliminate all workplace deaths and “ensure worker rights to fair wages.” Listen Here:

Faulty bearings in every single CATS light rail car need to be replaced. So, the Charlotte Area Transit System is shipping every train to California to be repaired by the company that sold us the cars. Listen Here:

The Charlotte City Council learned last night about a light rail car derailment that occurred ten months ago. And how it was due to a faulty bearing. And how those bearings are in every one of the 42 light rail cars. And how they also need to replace one-third of the bus fleet. Listen Here:

Today on Breaking with Brett Jensen Brett dives into a Charlotte City Council vote that just missed becoming national news. During a Charlotte City Council meeting last night Councilman Tariq Bokhari had to speak up in order to get a vote to provide CMPD with law enforcement passed, and Bokhari joins Brett to talk about […]

Matt Harris, co-host of the podcast “Impact of Influence” discusses the latest developments in the Alex Murdaugh trial. Listen Here:

The Charlotte City will ask voters this year to change the way the Council is elected – and for how long. The Council wants voters to give them 4-year terms, staggered elections, and add an 8th district. Listen Here:

In an 8-3 vote last night, the Charlotte City Council approved a rezoning petition from Chik-Fil-A to tear down its existing store in Cotswold and replace it with a drive-thru only facility. Listen Here:

A rezoning in Charlotte has sparked a larger debate about city development priorities. But also the problems afflicting cities – which is prompting more flight from the urban core to the suburbs. Listen Here:

The Charlotte City Council is expected to vote tonight on a drive-thru only Chik-Fil-A rezoning project. Opponents say approval will determine who we all are as a people. Meanwhile, American cities are struggling with their urban cores, raising concerns about whether they’ll ever rebound from the COVID pandemic, soaring crime and homelessness, and reduced mass […]

Charlotte City Council members moved ahead with plans to change their terms from 2 to 4 years, stagger their elections, and add an 8th district. They are also considering making their positions “full-time.” Listen Here: