Mark tells about a restaurant with a broken dishwasher, and Producer T.J. shares about a new taco place.

An investigation found social workers in Gaston and Cleveland Counties breaking the law.

If these feral hogs aren’t trapped, they could destroy thousands of dollars worth of crops.

Brett Jensen learned that Police Chief Jennings is punishing officers for making fun of him.

This week, Mark adds another restaurant to the Dirty Restaurants’ Hall of Shame.

Advertising for a kidney.  

Mark Garrison reports on several restaurants with low health scores. Producer T.J. reviews a hidden gem near the airport.

"We definitely missed everybody last year."

  Protesters in Washington DC breached the U.S. Capitol building today and disrupted legislative proceedings that were in progress.  One person was reportedly shot during the chaos. WBT’s Mark Garrison was able to connect by phone with North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop from the ‘safe location’ he was evacuated to with other members of the […]