Charlotte at Six

Mark Garrison sheds light on an eatery that is making big chemical mistakes. Producer T.J. finds a Sunday lunch spot on a Tuesday.

CATS released the video of the road rage murder of drive Ethan Rivera.  

Brett Jensen found the county refuses to talk to teachers about fixing their payroll issues.  

Former Mayor, Patrick Cannon, tries to explain why he took bribes as mayor.

Some health inspections are bringing in some new violations from dirty restaurants, and T.J. shares a new breakfast spot.

Kids will walk through scanners that will detect guns and bombs. Mark Garrison investigates.

Mark tells about a restaurant with a broken dishwasher, and Producer T.J. shares about a new taco place.

An investigation found social workers in Gaston and Cleveland Counties breaking the law.

If these feral hogs aren’t trapped, they could destroy thousands of dollars worth of crops.

Brett Jensen learned that Police Chief Jennings is punishing officers for making fun of him.