In this hour, Chad talks about media bias and how there’s always a narrative. Dems can’t continue to ignore our biggest problems. Plus, new CDC Covid guidelines completely contradict what we’ve been told since the start of the pandemic.

In this hour, Chad touches more on Covid. Plus, Chad gives his take on gender identity and transgenderism.

In this hour, Chad talks about the recent jobs report and what it means for the future. Also, the effects of Covid and lessons we have learned during the pandemic.

Chad discusses the national debt and the ongoing Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination hearings.

In this hour Chad discusses the difference between the perception of Trump versus Biden.  Additional discussion ws based on an article in the Washington Examiner about how the democrats want to rule by executive order.

In this hour the conversation is on Hunter Biden and climate change.

In this hour there is a brief discussion about Russia and the war in Ukraine. The remainder of this hour was discussion on how the last presidential election has impacted our lives.

Chad discusses an article about how Russia may lose the war, ask why did we not impose sanctions as prevention instead of as a reaction.

Chad discusses our energy policies, build back better and the continued over reach of the US government.

In this hour Chad discusses the continuing NC emrgency order, and general over regulation by the government. In the second half of the hour the discussion shifts to infaltion and our federal energy policies,