In the first hour of the show, Pete welcomes in NC-73 candidate Brian Echevarria whose comments at a local school board went viral as he spoke out against critical race theory. Pete then discusses the importance of education in the next Presidential election and if that could be a key factor in Democrats losing their grip on Washington politics. 

Pete leads the show sitting down with NC-73 candidate Brian Echevarria, an African-American whose anti-CRT comments at a local Cabarrus County School board meeting went viral. 

Vince is joined by NC Congressional candidate Brian Echevarria (NC-73) to talk about the viral comments he made at a local Cabarrus County School Board meeting and why he thinks CRT doesn't belong in any school curriculum. 

In the first hour of the show, Vince talks about local candidate Brian Echevarria - a bi-racial man - talking about critical race theory in schools is a poison to your kids' education.