In this hour, media is losing is credibility and there’s one reason why. Plus, Brad Slager talks about the recent protests surrounding Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In this hour, the importance of media accountability. Also, suddenly, the word “recession” has a new meaning.

Townhall columnist Brad Slager attended the Turning Point USA conference in Florida where he came face-to-face with Nazis! Well… all ten of them. And maybe they weren’t Nazis. But they WANT us to think they were Nazis. So, that’s close enough for media.

Brad Slager, columnist at, discusses how businesses are starting to ignore journalists’ demands for them to take positions on controversial political topics. Also, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ clear backpack debacle.

Brad Slager, columnist for Red State and Townhall, discusses how the BBC caved to internal pressure and changed a direct quote from a rape survivor. Plus, a Wake County pre-K teacher resigns after using LGBT flash cards to teach colors.