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Tune in here to The Brett Winterble Show for life advice from “The Coach,” Matt Doherty.

The segment starts with Brett and Coach talking about whether or not President Joe Biden and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will have a debate, and how they think it would go. They also cover Nikki Haley dropping out of the presidential race.

Bringing it back home to North Carolina, Brett and Coach discuss Mark Robinson becoming the Republican nominee for Governor. “He’s a big man with an imposing presence,” Brett said, and Robinson’s meteoric rise in the political world makes him a fan favorite who seems to connect better with constituents. Brett believes these factors give Robinson a big head start over his opponent, the Democratic nominee for Governor, Josh Stein.

They wrap the segment up with a piece of advice from “The Coach,” he explains that you have two choices when someone triggers you, you can react or respond. Reactions are your fight or flight response, a response is controlling your emotions and responding pragmatically.