Pat McCrory

Source: Pat McCrory / WBT

The streets in Charlotte have no name. No culture. No true identity when it comes to our rich heritage. Those things are being stripped away and disregarded for a common term with two words — political correctness.

According to the Charlotte Observer, a Legacy Commission was formed as a “15-member group, composed of local historians and other community members, and has been meeting since August. They reviewed an initial list of over 70 streets names in Charlotte associated with slavery, Confederate veterans, white supremacy or “romanticized notions of the antebellum South.”

I wonder if Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and others are planning to change the name of the city as well?

For those who don’t know, here’s a quick history from Professor McCrory. Charlotte, N.C., like a handful of other places in the world, was named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. (Thus the tie to Mecklenburg county as well).  She was married to King George III of the United Kingdom, who was the same monarchy rule that American colonists broke away from in the 1770’s. Our founding fathers and others resented the King and everything he stood. So much so, the twenty-seven grievances in the Declaration of Independence were presented as an indictment against the King for “repeated injuries and usurpation” that he had committed.

The reason this is significant is the historical value is no different from the over 70 street names selected to change in our city. Yes, admittedly, the history of this country is jaded due to the wrongs of those in the past. But removing a name or destroying a monument doesn’t erase history. If that were the case, shouldn’t Mayor Lyles and this commission be petitioning the federal government to remove all known slave owners from U.S. currency?

It’s the same argument, right? The only difference is one represents the most powerful object in our society, and the other are names most people have never known or cared about before adding them to a list.

Though one thing is certain —’Pat McCrory Way’ sounds like a nice replacement, if Mayor Lyles needs a suggestion (Thank you, Republican Women of Charlotte).