The Rebound Podcast With Matt Doherty Update- January_RD Charlotte_January 2023
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Radio One, WBT AM/FM, and Matt Doherty announce the debut of The Rebound Podcast with Coach Matt Doherty.  Doherty, the renowned former University of North Carolina basketball player and coach follows his best-selling book, Rebound: From Pain To PassionLeadership Lessons Learned with The Rebound Podcast, a ten episode series in which he speaks with highly successful individuals in the fields of business, entertainment, politics, sports and more that have had to rebound from failure.

After being forced to resign from his dream coaching job at UNC in a very public manner in 2003, Matt embarked on a personal leadership journey and was able to rebound by turning his pain to passion.  Now in a straight-forward and authentic manner, Matt invites you to a front row seat inside the journey of special guests that faced adversity and worked to rebound from failure. Through engaging and riveting stories of these failures Matt drills down on personal and eye-opening experiences from his guests that everyone will find fascinating and inspiring. 

“Matt’s journey is truly inspiring.  His insights, and those of his guests, are relatable no matter what field you’re in,” said Marsha Landess, Regional Vice President and Market Manager for Radio One, Charlotte.   “We are thrilled to partner with him to bring his leadership skills to the Charlotte market and beyond, first through his appearances on WBT with The Brett Winterble Show, and now through The Rebound Podcast!”

“I am excited to present the Rebound Podcast series with Radio One and WBT,” says Doherty.   He adds, “Listeners will get an inside seat into the heartache and growth of some of the nation’s leaders in sports, business, politics and religion.  It’s a must listen.”

The Rebound Podcast with Coach Matt Doherty is available now at and wherever you get your favorite podcasts.  New episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays.