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Tune in here as we’re joined by former White House Deputy Press Secretary and friend of The Brett Winterble Show Hogan Gidley!

Brett starts the conversation with Hogan by discussing Joe Biden’s team suddenly bringing his presser in Hanoi to an end. Hogan explains what he thinks we witnessed and why Biden’s team stopped him + how Trump would have handled the situation.

Hogan and Brett also talk about why displays like this aren’t good for the American image on the global stage + Brett shares why he’s confused Biden went to the G-20 summit in the first place instead of Kamala Harris.

Hogan also explains why that couldn’t have happened before he and Brett dive into what it means that Xi Jinping missed the event + how the perception of Biden’s administration impacts his polling numbers and Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments about not treating Biden like a “toddler.”

Finally they share their thoughts on Joe Biden spending 9/11 in Alaska instead of New York, D.C. or Shanksville.