Welcome to this Wednesday edition of Crossing the Streams on The Brett Winterble Show with Bo Thompson and The Coach Matt Doherty!

Bo and The Coach talk about the live recording of “The Rebound Podcast,” for charity last week with Jay Bilas, which Bo emceed. Bo talks about what he enjoyed so much about the stories The Coach and Jay told + Coach Doherty thanks Bo for his efforts.

Brett also asks Bo and The Coach about how much hurricane coverage they usually consume when hyped up storms finally make landfall. Bo shares a story from his experience with Hurricane Hugo when he was a kid + why he’s always been interested in Hurricanes and The Coach shares why he doesn’t obsess over the coverage but still respects the power of the storms.

The guys also talk about other important hurricanes from the past that stand out to them and The Coach explains how our response to them shows our short memories.