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Mark Garrison joins The Brett Winterble Show to talk about an active shooter situation at UNC Chapel Hill today.

Marks shares the details of what police know so far about the shooter as well as what they don’t know about the possible casualty count. They also talk about the fact that the shooter is still abroad (at the time of this broadcast) and the challenge that a large campus like UNC’s poses to finding the perpetrator + Mark shares what has struck him the most about the story so far — including the quick appearance of the police to the scene.

Mark joins again later in the show to talk share an update about the police apparently having the suspect in custody after tracking him down off campus + explains why students remain sheltering in place despite reports from WRAL that the suspect has been arrested and what they’ve heard from students about what happened inside Caudill labs. He also shares what information local news outlet WRAL has about a casualty count, with at least one faculty member reported to be dead.