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Welcome back to another great week on The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett begins the show by talking about one comparison he saw for Joe Biden’s foreign policy as well before sharing audio about why we shared some weapons with Ukraine before taking your calls about the military’s ammunition issues and why enrollment in the armed forces is down.

Brett also shares his thoughts about the cracked support beam on a Carowinds roller coaster before we’re joined by former Trump White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley to talk about about the cocaine found in the White House as well as the fentanyl problem in the country today.

Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT gets this week’s slate of Crossing The Streams started as he talks with Brett about their upcoming beach broadcast from Beth Troutman’s dad’s place before diving into the cocaine crisis in Washington D.C. Bo shares his thoughts as well as what Mick Mulvaney said about it on Good Morning BT.