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Secondary teachers represented by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association and Toronto members of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation plan to congregate at the legislature on Thursday, as the Catholic teachers hold a provincewide stri

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We’re now eleven months into the Coronavirus pandemic and many schools districts across North Carolina and the nation are balking about students coming back to class. This is a deliberate ploy for power that is being driven by the Teachers Union, who heavily fund the Democratic Party.

Teachers are now forced with the decision of speaking out about current conditions, or facing backlash from their union representatives. All part of the game being played by the democratic establishment and others to keep public schools shut down.

Well, as it turns out, private schools who’ve stayed open with students in class haven’t had many COVID-19 problems at all. Which begs the question: What are the unions gaining by keeping kids under the virtual instruction model? It’s all related money and who’s pocket it keep flowing into with these shutdowns.

The Teachers Union is being exposed all across the nation for profiting big time, but those leaders in the Democratic party like President Biden and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper say nothing. Let me tell you, they’re all part of this vicious cycle to keep the unions in power.

Listen to Pat’s thoughts on Teachers Unions being exposed below.