Today on the Brett Winterble Show we kick off this Hump Day episode with a visit from WBT host and reporter Breaking Brett Jensen to talk about today’s press conference with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department regarding a CMPD officer arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Brett and Brett talk about the circumstances of the events leading up to the arrest this morning of an officer was found “highly intoxicated,” in a CMPD vehicle as well as some background information about the arrested officer Peter Lombardo + highlighting the most important information shared by CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings — including some of the consequences for Lombardo.

Per WBTV, Jennings made the following statement: “This officer endangered the public in the same vehicle that our community entrusted us to serve and protect in. It is a symbol of trust. I will not tolerate any representative of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who jeopardizes the community’s trust in what we do every day and the standards we are sworn to uphold. We will allow Internal Affairs to conduct its thorough investigation, and I have complete faith that the outcome of this situation will be just.”

For more on this, tune into Breaking with Brett Jensen tonight on WBT from 7-8.