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After two power substations were attacked, knocking out power to 45,000 customers in Moore County, NC this weekend, LGBT activists immediately promoted a theory that the attack was meant to shut down a drag show. From NBC News:

While police have not identified suspects nor provided a motive for the “targeted attacks” on two energy substations in North Carolina over the weekend, one theory has quickly taken hold on social media: The outages were intended to shut down a drag performance.

The theory, which sprouted up almost immediately after the power went out in Moore County around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, came after weeks of threats and hours of protests from far-right activists against the “Downtown Divas” drag show set to take place at Sunrise Theater that night. And it was seemingly buoyed by a cryptic post from a vehement opponent of drag performances.

Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields has said a motive for the attack — which initially plunged 45,000 people into darkness — is still undetermined as local authorities and the FBI investigate. But he has not ruled out a possible connection.

“We are looking at everything right now,” Fields said Monday. “There’s absolutely nothing off the table. We’re investigating all leads. We have cooperation from federal and state law enforcement agencies that are assisting us with this and there’s no stone that we’re leaving unturned.”

Jared Holt, a political extremism expert at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, also cautioned against drawing conclusions too soon.

“LGBTQ communities are certainly valid and have more than enough reason to fear that they will be the target of harassment, violence or worse in today’s social climate,” he said. “But by jumping ahead and making these assertions on something that is deadly serious like attacking critical infrastructures, I’m concerned about instilling fear into a community that is already on edge when the facts are uncertain. We’re drawing all kinds of lines between dots, but ultimately, none of that is hard proof. It’s circumstantial.”

In the meantime, speculation continues.

However, one particular theory is NOT getting any speculation: Eco-terrorism. Leftist environmental groups have been engaged in vandalism for decades.

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