Today on the Brett Winterble Show we continue to broadcast from the Charlotte Auto Show on Hero Day with our daily Crossing the Streams segment featuring Good Morning BT host and fellow political junky Bo Thompson to talk about the event and Nancy Pelosi stepping down from the Democratic leadership.

Bo and Brett talk about Pelosi’s long career at the helm of the Democratic Party before analyzing the direction the party is headed in the future, including the possible impact of a youth movement.

“My friends, no matter what title you all, my colleagues, have bestowed upon me – Speaker, Leader, Whip – there is no greater official honor for me than to stand on this Floor and to speak for the people of San Francisco. This I will continue to do as a Member of the House: speaking for the people of San Francisco, serving the great State of California and defending our Constitution,” Pelosi said in a speech today.

“And with great confidence in our Caucus, I will not seek re-election to Democratic Leadership in the next Congress.”