Today on the Brett Winterble Show we continue our daily tradition of “Crossing the Streams,” today with Good Morning BT Host Beth Troutman to talk about the upcoming announcement from former President Trump coming tonight.

Beth and Brett discuss what they think Trump will announce tonight given the political environment surrounding the GOP following the midterm elections, what they think could be the fallout of Trump deciding to run for President once again in 2024 and how they see voters reacting + why it could be difficult for Trump to “recapture the magic,” he had during his 2016 campaign and how a race between him and Florida governor Ron De Santis could split the GOP heading into the 2024 Presidential election.

For more coverage of the announcement scheduled for 9:00pm tonight, tune into the WBT Facebook Live with Brett Winterble who will be reacting to and analyzing everything he sees tonight in real time with YOU!