President Biden And Vice President Harris Attend Democratic Party's Independence Dinner In Philadelphia

Source: Mark Makela / Getty

After his latest speech, President Biden is taking some heat from Democrats and Republicans. National Review has more on the speech:  

Rich observes that Biden’s speech this evening was “abysmal.” “Stylistically,” he submits, “the speech was meandering, cliched, and repetitive, and Biden’s delivery was notably lifeless.” Jim describes it as “the same old stuff, served many times before, zapped in a microwave.” I agree. Moreover, I think that this was probably inevitable. The president has convinced himself that claiming to represent democracy is a winning message, but he also knows that, last time around, he looked absolutely ridiculous while doing so. The resultant compromise yielded the worst of both worlds: Biden eschewed the Star Wars aesthetic that so excited his partisan fans, while delivering a dull, partisan, self-serving address that anyone with a brain could see straight through. It’ll be forgotten by tomorrow morning — if not sooner. 

Also, Vince talks about the upcoming midterms and which races you should pay close attention to. 

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