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Censored Stamp. Vector Censorship Imprint on Transparent Background

Source: PeterPencil / Getty

In light of the report that social media companies censored Americans upon requests from government agencies, Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC) says Congress needs to examine the matter:

“If they used threats or coercion, then that would be a violation of the First Amendment and it would be could be subject to criminal prosecution or lawsuits by anybody who is harmed. But the problem here is they very cleverly don’t do that. They don’t use coercion. They just sort of urge or suggest [censorship].”

Rep. Bishop says Congress should extend the Hatch Act:

“The law that prohibits executive branch employees from engaging in politics arose in the 1930s out of an abuse in the Roosevelt administration. I think we need to punish with prison terms and possibly a private right of action this conduct. This jawboning.”

Also, a judge in Gaston County judge gets busted stealing campaign signs that identify him as a Democrat.

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