From David Strom at HotAir:

It’s impossible not to notice, though. When certain issues come up, anybody deviating from a certain position is viciously attacked and “cancelled.” The enforcers come from a certain economic or social class (“The Elite™), and while everybody can be victimized, the people most vulnerable are, ironically, members of the same class. This is because they more than most depend upon the social acceptance of their peers.

The Elite™ are the professional class. They manage things, produce and distribute our news and our entertainment, run corporations, and inhabit all levels of government. They run our schools and universities, and in general are the most visible and powerful in our society. Almost everybody who is “white collar” aspires to join this club.

[T]hey have no skills that can be monetized without pleasing the Elite™, and certainly none that are marketable if the powers-that-be decide they are persona non grata. Get fired as a professor for dissent and kiss your career goodbye.

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