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President Biden attends Democratic rally in Maryland

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Facing legal problems over its student loan cancellation plan, the Biden Administration just changed the rules for its de facto vote bribery program. From Hot Air:

The Biden administration suddenly reversed course on providing comprehensive and compulsory student-loan debt forgiveness yesterday after seeing the PLF complaint. The Department of Education changed the rules to undercut Frank Garrison’s standing in the first lawsuit, and to head off part of the complaint filed later in the week by the six states

That change also eliminates 800,000 borrowers from the debt-forgiveness program, according to the Department of Education. That’s roughly 20% of its initial projected target relief population, so this is no minor change. Furthermore, the Biden administration has now added an opt-out for people that didn’t exist before, so that people like Garrison can choose not to accept the debt forgiveness and avoid the state-tax liabilities that would accrue.

There are no other reasons to adopt these last minute changes except to defeat the lawsuits filed just previous to them.

Meanwhile, a judge on the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says he will no longer hire law clerks from Yale Law School, because the Ivy League university actively promotes “cancel culture.”

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