Kyiv receives aid from US government to restore heat networks

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

Richard Lewelling from The Weather Channel joins the program to discuss Hurricane Ian and its impact on the Carolinas.

The U.S. just announced that it will provide more aid to Ukraine to the tune of $1.1 billion. PBS has more on the story:

The U.S. will provide an additional $1.1 billion in aid to Ukraine, with funding for about 18 more advanced rocket systems and other weapons to counter drones that Russia has been using against Ukrainian troops, the Biden administration announced Wednesday. 

The latest package is being provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which funds contracts to purchase weapons and equipment. And it brings the total of U.S. aid to Ukraine to nearly $17 billion since the Biden administration took office. 

Also, Vince discusses into the latest Joe Biden gaffe.

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