I watched Chuck Schumer stand there at the podium and extol the virtues of abortion as he has for a long period of time, you’ll remember he threatened the majority of the Supreme Court justices on the court over the issue of repealing abortion, why he never got visited by the FBI is beyond me,  Last I checked, if you threatened a Supreme Court justice, like Gorsuch or Cavanaugh, you’re gonna get a knock on the door. But obviously, we know there’s a two-tier justice system in our country, and I don’t want to get too far afield. But there he is talking about the importance of abortion, and we hear this abortion sale coming in a variety of ways.
 One of the ways that you get is, Well, women can now go to work if they don’t have kids, okay, I’ll take you at face value on that if women have a choice to have an abortion, they’re not going to be encumbered with children and they can go out and work. But there’s a problem. When you look at the numbers on unemployment, we’re short 11 million workers, 11 million workers. We don’t have them, they’re not available. What are we going to do about that? And here’s why I bring this up. All right, if you’re going to extol abortion is some amazing institution like Chuck Schumer’s talking about? And you’re gonna believe that it keeps women in the workforce?

What do we do about those future workers? I don’t know, I have a suspicion. And I do believe that what you’re going to end up having is sort of the dream of the D party. And that party, it dreams of sort of a permanent underclass. And I’m not doing replacement theory here, because I know that gets people all out of their minds. So let’s talk about the necessity of a permanent underclass, if you’re the Democratic Party, look at the things that they champion and push overwhelming expansions on welfare, health benefits, Social Security, get paid not to work, all that sort of stuff. That’s right there in their wheelhouse.
Republicans are a lot of things.
But Republicans tend to be people who have small businesses, they tend to be people who are involved in the corporate world and things like that, not Wall Street, because Wall Street is it really is basically been cornered by the progressive left. So, Chuck Schumer, we’re short 1,000,011 million workers. And his answer is going to be we need a permanent underclass, which means we need to take all of these five or 6 million I saw Tom Holman, Tom Holman talking about this over the last 24 hours, we need to bring in those five or 6 million that have come across the border and immediately get them employed.
Problem is, do they speak English? The problem is can they clear a background check? The problem is can they clear a criminal check? Problem is, again, do they speak English?
Are they able to do the sort of work that we need, even in the model of the permanent underclass, you still have to be able to conduct the business of the day. We watched this with the Germans in the 80s and the 90s, you had quote, guest workers coming in from Eastern Europe and the Balkans and eventually from the Middle East.
And it created a great deal of tension. So if you’re gonna go out there on the inflation Relief Act day with the highest number of inflation in four months, and you’re going to talk about it being a success, and you’re going to celebrate abortion, you have to explain to the workers of the future and to the companies of the future, where it is you’re going to get well, I don’t know 15 20 million new workers if people aren’t having kids. Something to think about.
I’m Brett Winterble that’s your daily QuickTake.