US President Biden in Philadelphia

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Hour 1

In this hour:

  • The importance of relaxing and unwinding
  • “Non-woke” movies, Top Gun and Spiderman top the box office, proving that people want an escape from politics.
  • Donald Trump made a visit to Pennsylvania and commented on President Biden’s speech from last week. Calling Biden and “the people who control him,” enemies of the state.
  • We must abolish the income tax
  • Biden and Democrats continue to insist that Donald Trump and MAGA republicans have fascist goals.
  • Vince reads your texts from the text line

Hour 2

In this hour:

  • Transformation Tuesday
  • The true definition of fascism
  • The disintegration of church in America
  • 1/3 of senior pastors believe that good people can earn their way to heaven
  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot takes aim at Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s faith and patriotism
  • Vince reads your texts from the text line