The US Department of Justice is being ordered by a federal judge to propose redactions to the affidavit used to get a search warrant on former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida. The DOJ has one week to black out the parts of the document that the government says will compromise its investigation and expose witness identities.

As the DOJ fights release of the affidavit, anonymous leakers from inside the agency are attempting to craft a narrative. While the leaks have helped paint a picture, it might not be the one that officials want the public to see.

The Federalist’s senior legal correspondent, Margot Cleveland is an attorney, former permanent law clerk for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and professor. She pieces together the timeline of the raid and argues it shows a partisan “witch hunt” against the former President. She says the intent was to use a dispute over document possession to induce a grand jury investigation – which could allow the government to find criminal charges unrelated to the actual documents.