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President Biden Arrives To White House After Camp David Travel

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

On Monday, President Biden vowed to push as hard as he could to pass a more than $2 trillion infrastructure proposal despite bipartisan support from lawmakers.

What’s being called the American Jobs Plan should have support from both the Republican and Democrats, along with the general public, but there’s a reason why Biden is having trouble selling it. The idea of a $2 trillion overhaul for the country’s mainframe is scary, and it’s also deceiving.

Biden says the bill to fix bridges and roads will not be passed off on the middle class. However, this is a half-truth on what’s really going to happen. He wants to pay for the bill with tax hikes on families that earn $400,000 or more, as well as investment income and businesses.

That’s the part being omitted from the discussion about the bill. If you’re going to make investments or own a small business in America, get ready to pay up. Republicans oppose these tax hikes while some Democrats have expressed their unease about the scope of this legislation.

“I’m going to push as hard as I can, to compete with the rest of the world,” Biden told reporters at the White House as he returned from an Easter weekend trip to Camp David.

“Everybody else in the rest of the world is investing billions and billions of dollars in infrastructure and we’re going to do it here,” he said.

We all agree with the President and understand the country needs some infrastructure upgrades. But the $2 trillion proposal has a lot of pork to shred before it can work for the American people. We need a bill that isn’t wrapped with a wide array of garbage and will just focus on fixing the nation’s outdated backbone.

Biden insisted that Republicans “know we need it.” Asked if he was concerned about the tax hike on businesses driving companies out of the US, he said, “not at all” and “there’s no evidence of that.”

That is until they pack up and leave the country for one that offers better incentives. A dangerous path to head down knowing that if businesses leave the U.S., they may not come back for an extended period of time. I hope President Biden realizes the hurt that would cause everyone.