Coronavirus - Mon Apr 5, 2021

Source: Dominic Lipinski – PA Images / Getty

The United State’s daily death toll from COVID-19 fell to 222 on Sunday, the lowest figure since March 23, 2020, official data from Johns Hopkins University showed.

A sharp decline from the 4,000 deaths per day reported in early January of this year due to mass vaccination efforts happening across the country. While deaths have dropped in recent weeks, daily new cases have increased slightly since the beginning of last month.

The data showed 77,369 new cases were recorded on Sunday. The seven-day figure was up 6.7% from the previous week.

America still has the highest number of deaths in the world from COVID at over 555,000. But an aggressive vaccine rollout by the Biden Administration has helped the total from surging further, as the country could see a second wave of the pandemic in the coming months.

The official data showed 104 million people had received their first dose of the vaccine, approximately one-third of the population, and 61 million were considered fully vaccinated. Just over 2 million first doses were given out nationwide in the last 24 hours, up on a steady incline from the days before.