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Brett Jensen | @Brett_Jensen

A Virginia man’s bout with COVID-19 is about the rarest you’ll find on earth. How rare? You’ll be better off playing the lottery than having doctors discover what they did in his blood.

John Hollis has extremely rare antibodies that kill all types of Coronavirus. His story has been told all over the world and now he tells it to WBT’s Brett Jensen.

Hollis, 54, the communications manager at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, learned in July that he fell into a rare category of people whose blood could help scientists understand COVID-19 and potentially treat those who fall ill.

This was after he contracted the virus and didn’t know it. Hollis learned that his blood is fortified with super antibodies, ones that neutralize the virus when diluted 10,000 times, and still resists COVID-19.

It is a medical phenomenon found in less than 5 percent of the world’s population who have contracted the Coronavirus.

Although, only one percent have the neutralization strength like the type Hollis carries in his DNA and his blood is now a valuable resource in identifying potential treatments for the virus.

Listen to Brett Jensen’s interview with John Hollis below.

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