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Fortalice Solutions CEO Theresa Payton welcomed the New Year on WBT’s Bo Thompson Morning Show Wednesday. Among the top technology stories moving into 2021 are three that will have a lasting impact on the health and cybersecurity for all Americans. Those along with a fresh wipe for social media accounts belonging to the Oval Office.

Payton first warned about widespread cybersecurity attacks implemented by a Russian agency via SolarWinds software last month. She provided an update on the story by saying the magnitude of those hacks were still being uncovered even as of today. One of America’s top corporations felt an impact by the security breach, which could’ve been worse if they weren’t protected.

“If you were a SolarWinds customer, you were probably going to have an issue. Now, if you communicated with a SolarWinds customer, you might have an issue where Russian operatives might have read your emails,” Payton said.

“And then now we learn that they actually had access to look at the source code for Microsoft.

“Thankfully, Microsoft has reported they didn’t change their code, which is what happened with SolarWinds, and that Microsoft actually has an incident response playbook assuming that one day somebody would have their source code. So, they’ve already rehearsed what to do in an event like this.”

A digital property untouched by Russian operativities is the newly-established CDC COVID-19 vaccine counter. The website is dedicated as a resource for anyone seeking information on the rollout of vaccinations in the country.

“One of the things I want people to realize is they’re not publishing data about you, if you got the vaccine” said Payton. “What they are publishing is the number of vaccines that have been sent to a state. Places like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or maybe even counties. The next thing is sort of the rate of vaccinations per 10,000 residents.”

North Carolina is among one of the worst states for the vaccine rollout, according to the CDC.

Many people have speculated now that Joe Biden will take over as President of the United States, what happens to the official Twitter account his staff has occupied on his behalf over the past four year? According to the social media giant, the account @POTUS, and all the previous data associated with the handle will be wiped clean for the Biden transition. The website will also get a facelift on Jan. 20.

Listen to the entire interview with Cybersecurity expert Theresa Payton below.