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Tune in here to this ​Monday edition of Breaking With Brett Jensen!

Breaking Brett Jensen kicks the show off by talking about the shift in voter demographics across North Carolina with a swing of 282,000 registered voters from Democrat to Republican. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them switched their registration from democrat to republican but that the total number voters the democratic party lost and the republican party gained sine 2020 equals 282,000.

Later in the show Brett discusses tonight’s Charlotte City Council meeting to vote on the proposed budget and more tax hikes. If passed, there will be a total of four separate tax increases in the last 12 months.

Brett wraps the show up by discussing the 40% dip in money wagered on sports betting apps in North Carolina. In April there was $105 million wagered in North Carolina, that number dipped to $63 million in May. Brett believes that these numbers will go back up and likely exceed the previous high when football season rolls around in September.

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