Tune in here for this Thursday edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

Vince starts the show by reflecting on last night’s News and Brews event before talking about a report that lists Charlotte as a top-5 city to live in in the United States today, one spot ahead of Raleigh + a court ruling that will keep South Carolina district maps as they are and a proposal to move the Oregon/Idaho border.

We’re also joined by Charlotte City Councilman Tariq Bokhari to talk about ways to improve the safety of law enforcement officers in Charlotte and what City Council is proposing to make it happen in the wake of the four officers killed in the April 29 standoff.

In the second half of the program Vince reacts to Nikki Haley’s announcement that she will be voting for Trump in the Presidential election + his thoughts on her message that Trump still needs to earn the vote of other Republicans who don’t support him.