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Brett kicks off the program by talking about the hack judge in the New York Trump hush money trial and Matt Miller, a spokesperson for the State Department, giving his condolences to the people of Iran for the passing of their president the “Butcher of Teheran.” Since when does the American government send their condolences to evil dictators? Did Obama send condolences following the special forces raid on Osama Bin Laden that resulted in his death?

We have reached a level of delirium where we praise evil and shame good. Iranian President Raisi was an evil man with the blood of innocents on his hands, he was not a good man, he was much closer to the embodiment of evil.

We need an awakening in America where we turn back to praising good and fighting evil. Everything isn’t as abstract as the left would like you to believe, the line between good and evil has not changed, our perspective has.

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