Congressman Richard Hudson joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman with reaction to former President Donald Trump's landslide win in Iowa's GOP caucus, reason's why polls show that American's are not pleased with President Biden's policies, deadly fentanyl flooding the United States, and who Congressman Hudson thinks will win the race for NC Governor.

The evidence is clear that the collapse of the southern US border is intentional. If the government wanted to stop the humanitarian crisis, it could. But it does not… so it does not. Listen Here:

A nation that doesn’t take it’s security seriously is not one that learned lessons about vulnerability from the 9/11 attacks. Listen Here:

Former US Attorney Andrew McCarthy argues that President Joe Biden and his Homeleand Security Secretary should be impeached for dereliction of duty – for failing to defend the American border. Listen Here:

In slurred remarks, President Joe Biden announced the launch of an app to let unauthorized immigrants seek asylum in the US, while also promising to visit the US-Mexico border to see how bad of a situation he has created since being elected. Listen Here:

"We were told that we couldn't take cameras. We said noted — and we brought out all our phones— try to do what the press has been unable to do which is report this. We went to the Donna facility— should have about 250-to-300 people in it —got about 4,000