A judge denies the attempt by former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman to dismiss his case. Trial is expected to get underway next month. Also: lack of confidence in election results didn’t start in 2020; and Mark Meadows bounced from NC voter rolls.

So-called “bike gangs” in Charlotte are terrorizing people in Uptown and Southend. Why can’t law enforcement, the District Attorney, and the courts adequately address this problem by now?

They’re antisocial sociopaths seeking attention by terrorizing parts of Charlotte, but the “bicycle gangs” need a name. And maybe some uniforms. How can we expect them to graduate from their apprenticeship in criminality to lifelong loser, without appropriate flair? We really have failed them.

The latest trend in Charlotte crime? Bicycle gangs. Why is this anti-social behavior being tolerated by law enforcement, parents, community leaders, and elected officials?

Why NC Rep. Ted Budd needs to debate his opponents in the GOP primary race for US Senate. Also, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson GAINED support after news broke that he paid for an abortion decades ago. Plus, Bidinflation gets worse and we commemorate the Halifax Resolves.

Mark Walker says he rejected multiple offers from Rep. Ted Budd to drop out of the NC race for US Senate, in exchange for an appearance on the rally stage with former President Donald Trump over the weekend. Also, do you think Budd should just avoid debates for the rest of the primary?

Dallas Woodhouse from The Carolina Journal joins discusses the latest polling showing Rep. Ted Budd leading Pat McCrory and Mark Walker in the NC race for US Senate.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg continues to grow, but it’s slowing down. Meanwhile, surrounding counties are booming. What does that mean for the future of Uptown? When do the costs of living in a city outweigh the benefits?

Young people are posting videos under the moniker “Romanticize your life” attacking postmodernism – a philosophy that is incapable of revealing greater truths about life because it doesn’t believe in truth itself.

In 2021, the US population grew at its slowest pace in history. That doesn’t sound good. Also, is the next tech backlash is about sex?