We're monitoring the House debate and vote to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence and Securing America Act. Plus, no amount of spin will convince Americans that the Fundamental Transformation of the Biden Administration has been a net positive.

The Sheriff of Mecklenburg County claims the NC Department of Health and Human Services jail inspectors are targeting him and the jail he oversees because of his race and his politics. There have been four deaths in five months.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden accused the NC Department of Health and Human Services of racially-motivated and politically-motivated targeting him when it inspects the jail he oversees. 

A tribute by the late Norm MacDonald to OJ Simpson who died yesterday. MacDonald hosted "The Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live where he covered the OJ Simpson murder trial.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is claiming credit for clearing the backlog of sexual assault "kits" that was supposedly cleared out by his predecessor, now-Governor Roy Cooper, who made a similar claim in 2016. Stein is now running for Governor.

Mark Starling from WWNC in Asheville joins me to discuss media bias and President Biden's immigration policy reversals on immigration and Israel.

A senior editor at National Public Radio says the news product is a "distilled worldview of a very small segment of the U.S. population." In response, NPR's former leader then gaslights the editor (and readers) about whether the taxpayer-supported broadcaster "sounds like all of America." 

In the natural progression of progressivism's descent to the depraved, Duke researchers have helped a 50-year old man "breastfeed" his infant grandbaby. Plus, maybe the preference cascade is turning against the mass societal delusion.

New research published in Nature finds that "non-pharmaceutical interventions" caused serious health problems that were oftentimes worse than COVID itself. Plus, Duke researchers help a man breastfeed his grandchild because: affirmation.

David Carmichael discusses his work to raise awareness of the connection between prescription drugs meant to treat depression and psychotic breaks - like the one he experienced that led him to kill his own son. Carmichael is visiting Charlotte to help support Kim Crespi - whose husband, David, murdered their twin daughters in 2006.